Deny-list saving password

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Deny-list saving password

Deny-list saving password

Is it possible to save web-sites in Lastpass in a way, that it doesn't ask to save the password every single time I log in? I have a website, where I get a time-limited, single use password every time I log in and every time LastPass asks me to save the password. If I could save the URL in a sort of Deny-list, it would help.

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This would also help on other sites if it were structured as a Advanced option at the bottom of a password record where the option was "Do not request to update password." This would be helpful on

(1) sites that require one to enter the password followed by a one-time code generated by a app; currently every time you log on to such a site LastPass thinks you changed your password because you entered the password+one-time code in the password field...even though of course you are not actually changing your base password; currently every time one logs into such a site a 'Change password?' dialog appears, click the wrong thing and you have just lost your password.

(2) sites that aggregate other sites (like banking or brokerage sites) that require you to enter 3rd party credentials and to update them from time to time; every time one updates a 3rd party password LastPass thinks you just changed the main site's password and offers to update your stored main site password...which of course one does not want to do because you just typed a 3rd party password. Again one wrong click and you've lost your main site password.

(And yes I know you can recover past passwords...but I've seen that fail plenty of times!)


Summary: Add an 'Advanced Settings' of "Do not request to update password."

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This has been done.  I do it all of the time with [Account Settings]->[Never URLs]

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