Generate random passwords for external apps/programs

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Generate random passwords for external apps/programs

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Generate random passwords for external apps/programs

I use older systems like Equifax and TLO, and they have terrible password management. Probably the worst in the biz.


It would be really nice if LastPass offered the ability to generate a random password for a system like Equifax, and then provide that password to a user.


Personally, I think that there would be a ton of value in a b2b solution like this, because if more and more companies adopt it, the LastPass b2b user experience could be a common flow in the industry, similar to Google's OAuth.


This would allow older systems that rely on passwords to have a better system where they define the password requirements, but the user doesn't need to fulfill them themselves; rather LastPass would do that and handle the password coordination and merely informing the user what the new secure password is.


This could be a really good solution to allow b2b systems like Equifax and TLO to have a more consistent password-based UX, because as it stands I absolutely hate how every b2b solution in the world has its own proprietary password flow.