Generating a one-time Email-Address as Login

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Generating a one-time Email-Address as Login

Generating a one-time Email-Address as Login

LastPass is already doing a great job in generating unique passwords to avoid that compromised passwords are also allowing access to other sites as well.


The same issue also holds true for potentially compromised email-addresses that have been used for logins for different services.


If LastPass would offer a service that allows to dynamically generate email-addresses that can be used as logins would create an additional security layer in case a service has been hacked and user data have been compromised.

This generated email-address needs to act as an email alias to the actual email address of the LastPass account to allow verify-email-adresses to come through.


DuckDuckGo just added a similar service (see but i think it would be an even better addition with the password generation capabilities of LastPass.



New Member

Completely agree.  I'd also like to see the same thing done for credit card numbers. An integration with or create your own service. How about phone numbers? If it's possible, phone number aliases would be terrific.

New Member

alias emails would seem to fit well under the umbrella of what last pass does for password management. I hope last pass will consider taking this on.