Lastpass feature request- timeout on browser

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Lastpass feature request- timeout on browser

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Lastpass feature request- timeout on browser

I am not comfortable having lastpass logged into my vault for hours or days on end from my web browser.  Therefore, I'm always logging in and then logging out.  I use the yubikey as a second factor and don't mind logging in when necessary - I just find it annoying that I have to remember to log out - sometimes I forget.


A nice feature for Lastpass would be to have a timeout value for an auto-logout as a security measure.  By auto-logout, I mean logging out of the Lastpass vault.   A value of 5 minutes  to 'never' would be helpful in preventing malware (or anyone with access to my machine) farming my vault of my login credentials and those of my clients (which I store).  I hope you will consider this idea.   Thanks.

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You can already set this up in your extension preferences.

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Thank you.  I was unaware of the plugin settings.