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Limit Folders within Sections

Limit Folders within Sections

I really dislike that the folders show up within each section of LastPass (i.e. Passwords, Notes, Addresses, Payment Cards etc.). I would like to categorize each section differently because the folders that I create for passwords, have little to do with the folders I would like to organize my addresses and notes in. 

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I wholeheartedly agree! In the old UI, credit cards and such were not buried in folders. Website passwords, sure - I love using folders for those, but having to click FOUR TIMES in order to use a payment card is ridiculous. Not to mention I have to click another four times to fill in my address, when those two used to be combined.

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When viewing the Payment Cards (or any other item category) in your Vault, if you click "Sort By:" and choose the Name or Most Recent options, you should see the entries listed without folders.


I have also passed the feedback about removing the folder selection from the LastPass extension menu along to our development team as well, to avoid having to click through folders to access Payment cards or other category types in the LastPass extension popup window.

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Thank you, the browser extension is what I was referring to. I really hope that will be fixed as it's a huge pain point, especially given that it worked fine before the UI was changed nearly 2 years ago.

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I think the irony in this is that depending on how you are using LastPass, you could have a completely different experience. As someone who uses LastPass through work, I primarily use it on a desktop (sometimes through the browser extension, other times directly from the website), whereas this folders issue (at least for me) has never been an issue on the mobile app. Had I not downloaded the app for personal use, I would have never known how differently they categorize items on what should essentially be the same service albeit mobile-friendly. 

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I also agree. I am a LastPass Premium user, and always work in my vault on the pc   I use way more folders in Passwords, than I do in Notes, Addresses, Payment Cards, etc., and only a few of those folders are used in more than one category of items.  I would like all folders to be listed in the Folders field when adding an item (as they are now.) But when viewing a particular category, e.g., Payment Cards, I would like only the non-empty folders to be displayed. Turning this feature on/off should be user selectable in settings.