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Link Notes & Passwords

Link Notes & Passwords

It would be helpful if we could link notes and passwords. It is a little confusing that you can type notes within the password sub-section, but you can also create a note in the notes section and it could be about the same account. The other option would be to make the password section have more options within the notes like the note section. Examples would be: allow for attachments, add a time stamp to new note entries 

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New Member

I totally agree.  I hope LastPass develops the ability to add attachments to the Passwords. 

This would allow me to not have to duplicate site information in the notes as well.

For instance, I have a Password item for my AAA account (American Auto Assoc.).  I also have an AAA entry for Notes because it allows me to attach a photo of my AAA membership card.  It would be great if I could just do this within the AAA Password entry.

Please make this happen. 

Thank you.