Multiple access deletions on Premium Accounts

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Multiple access deletions on Premium Accounts

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Multiple access deletions on Premium Accounts

I've been a LastPass user since 2014.  When I first joined, Premium accounts could delete access to multiple sites by selecting the "boxes" to the left of the sites, then selecting "actions", and then selecting "delete".


Somewhere over the years, the ability to select multiple boxes has disappeared.  A little over a year ago, I contacted support about this, not knowing that the access had been removed.  The support team was also perplexed because they remembered the ability to select multiple boxes also.  They tried different "fixes" and eventually said that I should contact them whenever I needed to delete multiple account access.


Today I had the opportunity to delete access to 32 sites.  Now I'm being told that this is not an option.  Not only can support not do this for me, but it's not an option for anyone.  It's not a glitch in my system, but it's not available.  And, I was told, that it's never been available.


This is not true.  The ability to delete multiple access most certainly was available in the past.  In fact, it was the main reason I selected Last Pass as my password saver.


I hope that Last Pass brings this feature back.  The little boxes on the left "prove" that this feature existed.  After all, if it didn't, why would those boxes exist?  The same items can be selected to the right of the site.  It's more intuitive that you cannot select multiple items if the boxes were not there.


I'm not sure how long it will take to bring this feature back.  I hope it's not too long because at this point, even though I've been with Last Pass for 8 years, I think I may have to start looking elsewhere.