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Passphrase Generator

I'd like to suggest adding a new option to generate random password - generate random passphrase. 


Passphrase generators are becoming more useful, and it would be nice to have it built in instead of having to go to random word generator sites. These are useful for usernames, such as the one from NordPass, but also good for passwords where those passwords will need to be shared easily with colleagues (and not shared through a system like LastPass).


Currently I use the LastPass random password generator with only ALL CAPS  and the Easy to Read option selected to create random usernames such as RAYBKGCACHGV for any sensitive sites like online banks or credit cards. The goal is to have no personally identifiable information as part of the username.


I'm posting this because I filed a help desk ticket with LastPass complaining about the lack of certain characters in the random password generator. For example, LastPass never uses these characters: ,<.>:";'{[}] whereas other password generators do. Part of the response I got was the following: "We recommend using passphrases as they are better than adding special characters in short passwords" (we being the LastPass development team). So, if that's really the case, then the LastPass development team should add this feature.

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I agree, this really needs to become a feature on LastPass.

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Random passwords are painful to type on devices without physical keyboards. A passphrase is much easier (if longer) to type than a typical random password.  There are multiple passphrase generators, including  (memorable password mode) and I wrote about passphrases at

My master password for LastPass is a passphrase, as is my laptop password.

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I want this badly enough that I'm seriously considering switching to Bitwarden. You can't really know ahead of time where or when you're going to want to type in a password manually, which currently is just a world of hurt for no good reason.

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The NIST now recommends using passphrases. It will be immensely helpful if the Lastpass app could keep up with industry changes.

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I agree. Because I work in controlled environments I often have to transcribe passwords from my phone app to PC ... passphrases make this significantly easier

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Please add this feature -- it is desperately needed.

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Yes - the passphrase generator (eg. number of words, letters in each word, word separator) would be handy where you can't use LastPass to integrate the login - sure, give me a 99 character password for any website where I can use the LastPass plugin where I never have to remember or type it...but give me a passphrase generator to give me a  password where I can't integrate the plugin (eg. Netflix on a smart TV)

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+1 on this. I may also move to Bitwarden to use the passphrase feature. 


100% for security on devices without a keyboard (or that need to be delivered verbally). For my money 'easy-to-read' means 'letters grouped together into something your brain could decode/remember' and that's strings of words.

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This is becoming a glaring omission now that passphrases are generally considered a best practice. I've used LastPass for years and don't want to switch myself and all the users I support to a new password manager, but every time I create a new passphrase now, I have to leave LP to go use a passphrase generator. It's adding friction and frustration with every interaction.