Please added modified or created date.

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Please added modified or created date.

Please added modified or created date.

LastPass records all new incidents password changes for the same website. It is difficult to distinguish which is the latest password. Please add a last modified or created date.

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+1, I logged this ages ago but it all seems to have been lost with the new forum. 😞


Use case example: there are multiple similar LP entries for a domain when companies keep chopping and changing their web site structures and it's impossible to know which was the last updated LP entry. I'd liek to se the entries displayed in most recently updated order too.

Also I'd like to see a LP tool which could prune the older entries and reduce vault size but without any date information it's impossible.

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I see that this information is not available in the csv export, but perhaps it is captured by the database but simply not viewable or exportable?  Support, can you help out with answering this question?

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Currently it is not possible to view the modified or created date for entries in the Vault (you could view your LastPass Account History of all events in a specified time period or view the History of a single Vault item to see dates that entries were changed/added/etc.) although I have passed this idea along to our development team for consideration in future updates.

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