REPORT SUGGESTION - passwords known to a user

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REPORT SUGGESTION - passwords known to a user

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REPORT SUGGESTION - passwords known to a user


i have a suggestion! 


SUMMARY: i would like a new report that shows the passwords that a lastpass enterprise user "knows".  the report would list all passwords touched in any way by the end user since the last time the password was changed.  



the idea is a user has access to, say, 100 passwords.

the user has worked with, or touched, say, 50 passwords

at this point the user "knows" 50 passwords. 

then 10 of those passwords change. 

so the user now "knows" 40 passwords. 

which ones?

well the report would be the list of all passwords that the user has touched where the touch date is more recent than the password change date. 

this would be very useful when determining what passwords to change in the event of, say, an account compromise. 

should fairly easy to develop if the password change date is recorded in the audit logs. this is not the same as the the vault item change date, because things other than the password could be changed in a vault item (like the name or the notes) without changing the password.  but that is easy for me to say.