Show (Unhide) All Passwords in Vault by default (no more "eye" icon)

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Show (Unhide) All Passwords in Vault by default (no more "eye" icon)

Show (Unhide) All Passwords in Vault by default (no more "eye" icon)

I am using a computer in a private room. There are no people around. I do not need my passwords to be visually hidden. 

Adding an extra mouse click on the "eye" every time I want to inspect, compare, or update a password entry is an hourly annoyance. There is no security benefit. Just inconvenience. 

Please add a setting in the web browser Vault to turn off password obfuscation


More detail:

I recently imported 300 passwords from Keepass. Almost 200 are notes. I have to create new "password" entries for each "note" item. I edit & compare multiple items throughout the day as I migrate to this new platform.
Keepass's preferences had a "show passwords by default" option to stop hiding passwords. Having the same in LastPass would make my migration so much faster.

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I agree.  However, I also have a phone that I use at times in non-private locations, and may have a tablet or laptop used elsewhere; so it would be useful to save this setting by device, or for a limited time.

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