Ways to make bulk changes for passwords

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Ways to make bulk changes for passwords

Ways to make bulk changes for passwords

I realize I might be asking a lot here, but would there be a way to get some kind of command-line or way to apply mass changes to passwords? I literally have a few hundred passwords to generate new random passwords for, and other that the Web interface, it would be amazing to be able to do this a bit more quickly rather than 1 by 1.

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My requirement is to be able to update a set of shared passwords (company uses LastPass). Currently, I have to go into each password to update it and it's tedious as the UI is really not geared for updating many things at once.


The script I run at the moment generates the passwords and updates the application (essentially it is for a read only system but the content is private and we update when someone leaves and we ARE moving to per-use password but that's another story).


So I'd like to include the necessary API calls to update the specific passwords programmatically that I can currently already update manually.

Is this possible? If so, can you point me to the API documentation please.





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@rmm_  I'm afraid this is not currently possible to my knowledge, though I will move the enhancement request to our LastPass Ideas board for consideration. 


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I am also looking for a way to update passwords. Not necessarily shared password, but any password. Also bulk changes would be nice, but is not a requirement for us.

We use a tool to generate personal passwords for application and inject them into LastPass with the enterprise API. The applications require a monthly password change, but now it is impossible to update passwords using the API so al my colleagues have to manually create new password and update it in LastPass. Because of the amount of applications this is not preferable and a bit frustrating for my colleagues. Also we have no control over the password quality.

The pushsitestousers returns a psid, so this could be used to update a password. It would however be easier if a combination of name, url, username and folder would be unique so it update without specifying a psid. Personally I don't see any use cases for this not being unqique. Another solution would be if we can remove a users folder by specifying email and folder name. So if I inject all the generated passwords into a certain folder I could remove the entire folder before generating new passwords. That might be easier to implement for you. This would really really help us a lot.

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"I'm afraid this is not currently possible to my knowledge, though I will move the enhancement request to our LastPass Ideas board for consideration. "  Really?  Well please make it possible.  This Breach is a disassater.  With unlimited attempts the filed will be cracked and we'll all be screwed