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Windows Hello Support

Windows Hello Support

Seriously, it's 2020, a LOT of laptops come with Windows Hello support.. and Lastpass has fingerprint support instead. Why? 

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Agreed. Windows Hello is convenient and secure, and the setup for getting fingerprint support is hard to implement. 

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The new Windows 10 app from the Windows Store works better than the old desktop app, but there are still several usability issues that I think can be improved upon:


-If I set a logout time in the settings, it should stick even if I close the app. The app minimizes to the system tray, gives a Windows notification that it's logged out, and tells you you'll need to log back in. It'd be preferable for the app to stay logged in for the time set in preferences if I chose that rather than logging out when closing

-Speaking of that notification, there are only so many times I need to be notified of that. Having the notification that I've logged out when the app closes every time gets annoying. Please have an option to turn that off

-I don't want the app to remember my email. Every time I log in to the Windows app, I uncheck the "remember my email" box. But the next time I open the app, it's checked again, forcing me to uncheck it every single time. Having my choice persist through launches (or having a settings option for this) would be helpful

-Finally (and most importantly), Windows Hello support would be a huge boon

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Same I am quite disappointed that LastPass still doesn't support windows hello. It has forced me to consider switching to 1Password which is still not ideal.


I would like to be able to login to the LastPass browser extension with Touch ID on my MacBook and Windows Hello on my PC.🔓🔑
For example, this could be made possible by creating a small app for MacOS and Windows 10 that communicates with the operating system and the LastPass browser extensions.

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Great ideas @Philon. I'll add a few that I've got after having started using the application this last week.


  1. I agree with you on integrating Windows Hello recognition. I have a fingerprint reader that it would be very nice to use instead of having to re-type my LastPass password every time.
  2. When LastPass for Windows Desktop is minimized, I want an option to minimize to the tray instead of the Taskbar. There's a Minimize on close option in Settings, but closing the app leaves it in the Taskbar AND System Tray.
  3. Would be nice to see a lock timeout of some sort. So if I open it and use it once, it will stay open for a pre-determined amount of time. If I want to use it again, I would have to unlock it (enter password, PIN, Windows Hello, etc.). Similar to how the Android app requires fingerprint authentication after X minutes. If you hit Ctrl+F in an app, and it's locked, you would just be prompted to unlock first.
  4. Can we get the application to talk to Chrome and Firefox extensions to share the connection, like they do between themselves? Would be handy to only have to log on once.



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First time logging in with this account in a long time, just to say this. If we had windows hello integration I could have it across both my browsers and my desktop app, but no.

Windows Hello when?

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I'm not personally a fan of Windows Hello, but I agree that it could be an option. It would allow reasonably strong security with much greater usability, and would help mobility-challenged/ disabled users, similar to my idea: