improve security with digital identity

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improve security with digital identity

improve security with digital identity

Use GRC's SQRL for very secure (and unbelievably simple)  login to LastPass. The actual authentication with SQRL involves the exchange of  blocks of 256 bits of random garbage using public/private key technology.  Intercepting and repeating all the traffic used during authentication is absolutely useless.  All the details (including the ideas, the development, specifications and source code) are at -- and it is free and open source.


If most sites used SQRL we would have far better security that would be really simple and fast. However, very few sites are smart enough to use SQRL.


However, even if SQRL were universal, LastPass would still be essential for handing all the other sensitive and private data - like credit card details,  security questions (always use unique lies), Medicare numbers, insurance account numbers,  copies of driver's licenses, copies of insurance cards.

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Best suggestion here.

I almost forgot about SQRL.  It's matured really well.  I recall concluding the security was solid when I looked at it long ago.  It is interesting watching Steve Gibson's talk sponsored by Lastpass!  Well, at least on a show Lastpass sponsors.  Edit: Here's a clickable version of the URL: