"Refresh shared folders" function

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"Refresh shared folders" function

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"Refresh shared folders" function

It would be nice with a "force update" function for shared passwords.

We're using LastPass Teams in our company, and every time somebody adds a new shared password, the other employees must either wait ~30 minutes or re-login before they the newly shared item appears in their LastPass vault. It becomes quite tedious when you have to do it several times a day, especially for users with two-factor authentication.

For this reason, we often just end up sending the password(s) in a PGP encrypted mail instead, rather than asking everyone to log out and back in to LastPass, however this kind of defeats the purpose of a shared password manager...


Are we really the only customer annoyed by this? Or maybe the others have just switched to an alternative password manager provider a long time ago. 😀

Unfortunately, we haven't found the time to switch yet due to lack of resources, but if this would get fixed sometime in the near future, we would definitely consider staying with LastPass.