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Android autofill on pin entry screen

I am having an issue with an endless loop on my Note 10 with Android 11 when the phone's pin number entry screen comes up.  If I am unable to use my fingerprint, there is usually a link at the bottom that says to use my pin.  If I hit the link to enter my pin, the number keypad pops up so I can type my pin, but so does the lastpass autofill.  They both flash for an instant and then I am bounced back to the screen with the link to choose enter my pin.  This endless cycle will happen over and over.  Eventually the autofill might not pop up and I can finally type in my pin.

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Re: Android autofill on pin entry screen



Could you try uninstalling the LastPass app, restarting your device, then reinstalling and seeing if that fixes this issue?

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