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Authenticator created two accounts with same email

So I'm not sure what happened but the Authenticator app on my Android phone created a second account with the same email address, meaning I now have two different 6 digit codes when I open up the app.

It happened when I logged into Lastpass on my desktop computer through Chrome. It asked me if I wanted to enable passwordless on this computer and I said yes and it made me scan a QR code. The app then asked if I wanted to overwrite my previous account. Confused as to why it was asking me to create another account when I've logged into this computer many times before using the same account, I tapped yes. But instead of overwriting my previous account I now have 2 accounts with the same email address. When I log into the Authenticator app on my iPad, it still shows only one account, and the 6 digit code matches one of the accounts on my Android phone. I'm tempted to just delete the second account but it gives an ominous warning to not get "locked out" and to turn off multifactor authentication before deleting it here. I'm very confused as to what's going to so I figured I'd ask first before doing something I'd regret.

Thank you!