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New Contributor

Authenticator restore fails


Authenticator backup was successfully created on my old phone, 

BTW on which I don't think I installed or use the lastpass app it self,  maybe installed but don't use it for sure.  

When I try to restore authenticator data on my new phone it fails with:

"Account not restored" 

Your auth.. accounts couldn't be added to this device from your most recent cloud backup. 


I noticed that before I try to restore I have to login to lastpass app. 

As mentioned here: 


But I don't want to install/use the lastpass app on my phone !

All I want is to migrate authenticator to my new phone so as to get the auth request popups.  


I don't use or want lastpass app on my phone I never need it on my phone. 

I only use lastpass on my computers, the only phone use I have is to accept/renew MFA requesta every 30 days. 


Why am I forced to install lastpass app just to restore the authentictor cloud backup?