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Authenticator restore fails


Authenticator backup was successfully created on my old phone, 

BTW on which I don't think I installed or use the lastpass app it self,  maybe installed but don't use it for sure.  

When I try to restore authenticator data on my new phone it fails with:

"Account not restored" 

Your auth.. accounts couldn't be added to this device from your most recent cloud backup. 


I noticed that before I try to restore I have to login to lastpass app. 

As mentioned here: 


But I don't want to install/use the lastpass app on my phone !

All I want is to migrate authenticator to my new phone so as to get the auth request popups.  


I don't use or want lastpass app on my phone I never need it on my phone. 

I only use lastpass on my computers, the only phone use I have is to accept/renew MFA requesta every 30 days. 


Why am I forced to install lastpass app just to restore the authentictor cloud backup?

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Re: Authenticator restore fails

Came across your issue while looking for Authenticator restoration help myself. I did follow the instruction to add LastPass app to my phone. It did allow me to get Authenticator installed and opened. I then uninstalled LastPass and Authenticator still works.

Unfortunately, when I restored my 2FA account, 90% of the sites were missing. If anyone can help determine if there is anyway to get those I would greatly appreciate it. Perhaps I didn't have a regular backup established. Given the absolute headache this will be, such a feature surely should be automated.

Background info is old phone got wet and won't operate.


Re: Authenticator restore fails

I have been suggesting if user is Enterprise that they backup the Authenticator to their corporate email account with LastPass and also back it up to their personal LastPass account (assuming they had/have one). This means even if the user no longer is a member of the company and happened to scan QR codes that were personal not business that they don't lose their Authenticator scanned entries.