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Can't see any of my passwords on Mobile



I've recently already mailed back and forth with support, but I still don't have a working mobile app ever since Lastpass made it mandatory to have 600.000 iterations.


I have lastpass Premium, although I haven't been able to use it for months now.


Yes, I've cleared my cache, I've cleared my settings, I've changed my master password, I've changed the iteration count, NOTHING WORKS, my password is correct even though the app says "Password incorrect" after logging in and trying to obtain my passwords, I can change settings of my account in the app so if the password is that incorrect why can I change my settings but not see my passwords?


I've also thrown out all mobile device authentications and re-registered my phone to no avail.


Everything is fine on my desktop, can you guys please sincerely look in to this problem?


It's really freaking frustrating at this point.

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Re: Can't see any of my passwords on Mobile

I also have been dealing with this issue.
Desktop is fine but mobile claims that the password is incorrect with a green check allowing me into the account showing random encryption information. (Types of things you see when you open an encrypted file)
600,000 iterations seems to be problematic for mobile, or there were updates that wreck it