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Folders not syncing between devices

I'm using Families and sharing a folder with my sister Shared-Sister and Me. This folder has 4 sub folders under it:

\Sister's Stuff

\Mom's Stuff

\Dad's Stuff

\Brother's Stuff

When I log into a web browser all is well, when I login to my Android phone I can only see the "Shared-Sister and Me" shared root-folder and the "Shared-Sister and Me\Sister's Stuff" sub-folder. On my PC I moved a password from the shared root to \Brother's Stuff and that password disappears off my phone. However, I can do a search for this invisible password on my phone and see it in the search results, I can then edit this password and it actually shows me the "Shared-Sister and Me\Brother's Stuff" value in the folder field. Yet when I exit without saving, the password goes back to invisible in my vault because the sub-folder is not showing up. What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance for any insight.


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