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How to associate app with password?

I'm using LastPass on iOS and have had this issue forever, but only recently stepped up to premium, so now I feel the need to figure it out! Is there a way to manually associate an app with a password? I have the CitiCard app, and when I open it up, click on 'Passwords' LastPass opens as it should, but I have to manually type in 'citi' and select the appropriate password every time. Is there a way to tie the two together so that it can just know that that's the PW for that app once FaceID authenticates me enough to open the LastPass vault? It works fine in Safari, but seems to stumble with the Citi app every time. Thanks!

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Re: How to associate app with password?

Hi @icase81,


This may be due to some app/site developers not associating their App with a URL (app developers are recommended to associate a URL with their app, so that in this case password managers can associate your entry for with the CitiCard app), as a workaround could you try editing the entry for a site (such as the entry) in your Vault and adding a note in the Note section of LastPass to add the app name?


For example, the vault entry you would add "CitiCard" in the Note area. This way, when you are logging in to the CitiCard app if the entry isn't automatically shown to log in with you can search "CitiCard" and LastPass should show you the Vault entry.

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Re: How to associate app with password?

In the LastPass app on your phone go to Settings > Auto fill > App Settings. Here you'll find a list of all the apps on your phone and you might see that some of them already have some URLs attached. Just tap on the one you want, in your cast the CitiCard app, and you can add to the URLs manually. You may need to also check the box to show the fill helper. Hit okay, and you're done.