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IOS Recovery doesn't work ( not set up for this email)

Hi all,


Some day ago the Last pass app log out by himself. I use it for 3 years, (with touchID and PIN) I set the recovery by touchID and email. My phone number unfortunately is not in life. When I try to recovery my password in app, the app write that:

"Account Recovery

Account recovery is not set up for this email"

When I try it on browser, the email is okey and the next step, try to send message to my old phone number. But this number is not in life. 

So when I try on app, the email is not good, when I try to browser the email is okey but the phone number is not good (for me). 

I use Lastpass Authenticator, I log in this app, have security numbers But I haven't got option to recovery with my email, authenticator and touchID....

Is this a bug? I'm 100% sure I've set up touch ID recovery.

Please help!

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Re: IOS Recovery doesn't work ( not set up for this email)

Put your device in recovery mode and set it up again · Make sure that your Mac is up to date. · On a Mac with macOS Catalina