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New Contributor

Issues with Android

At least once a day I am unable to use the LastPass app on android. The app will open, I can login and search for an account. When I attempt to select that account I do not get the normal menu option to do things like copy the password. To fix this issue I need to open the application settings and force quit out of the application and restart it. This process of fixing lastpass works 100% of the time. I have had this issue for the last few years and across multiple phones. I am currently using a Samsung Note 20 Ultra (US Version)


New Contributor

Re: Issues with Android

Open the application settings and restart the program force-quit the problem I'm having with it. This method of resolving the issue with LastPass is 100 percent effective. This has been a problem for me for several years now, affecting multiple phones. Samsung Note 20 Ultra is what I'm using right now (US Version) phrazle .