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Last Pass not showing on new Android

Hello everyone,

I recently got a replacement for my old phone, but I've been experiencing some issues with the Last Pass App on my new device. Initially, I couldn't access the App using my Master Password, and I kept receiving error messages. After several attempts of uninstalling and reinstalling the App, I decided to change the password on the App on my old phone. Finally, when I tried the new password on my new phone, it worked.  when I try to login to the site  , i do not know the password of the site and, auto fill not working as well.

However, now I can only see a list of my accounts in the vault without any associated passwords. This means that I have to go back to my old phone to access any of my accounts on the App, which isn't sustainable. I was wondering if anyone has faced similar problems and could offer some help or guidance?

Thank you.

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