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LastPass Authenticator - Backup Failed

LastPass Authenticator - Backup Failed
Hello there,
Foxy reported an Error with no answer on 10-01-2019 03:47 PM.  I have the same problem on IOS. I attempt to enable backups on the Authenticator App.  I enable and use my main account username and password when I am taken to the Lastpass App.  When I go back to the Authenticator App from Lastpass I get this error:

"Backup Failed : Please check your internet connection and try again"
This is the log file from Lastpass Authenticator:

2022/09/20 22:32:10:349 [DEBUG] AppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:32:10:349 [DEBUG] FBCrashlyticsAppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:32:10:349 [DEBUG] AnalyticsAppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:32:10:349 [DEBUG] NotificationAppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:32:11:280 [DEBUG] AppDelegate - applicationDidEnterBackground(_:)
2022/09/20 22:32:11:280 [DEBUG] FBCrashlyticsAppDelegate - applicationDidEnterBackground(_:)
2022/09/20 22:32:11:280 [DEBUG] AnalyticsAppDelegate - applicationDidEnterBackground(_:)
2022/09/20 22:32:11:280 [DEBUG] NotificationAppDelegate - applicationDidEnterBackground(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:14:644 [DEBUG] AppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:14:644 [DEBUG] FBCrashlyticsAppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:14:644 [DEBUG] AnalyticsAppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:14:644 [DEBUG] NotificationAppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:14:700 [INFO] GetPendingRequestInfo - START
2022/09/20 22:33:14:829 [DEBUG] AppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:14:829 [DEBUG] FBCrashlyticsAppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:14:829 [DEBUG] AnalyticsAppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:14:829 [DEBUG] NotificationAppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:15:170 [ERROR] GetPendingRequestInfo - CLSSessionError.emptyResponseData
2022/09/20 22:33:15:173 [INFO] AccountListViewController - getPendingRequestInfo: no pending request
2022/09/20 22:33:15:232 [DEBUG] setAuthData - set for Biometrics OK
2022/09/20 22:33:15:232 [DEBUG] startAuthentication... recognitionResult: kNPRecognitionResultComplete
2022/09/20 22:33:15:232 [DEBUG] Locked: 0
2022/09/20 22:33:15:245 [DEBUG] NotificationAppDelegate - notificationsEnabled() authorizationStatus: Optional(2)
2022/09/20 22:33:15:246 [INFO] showRootViewInController - network is reachable
2022/09/20 22:33:16:109 [DEBUG] AppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:16:109 [DEBUG] FBCrashlyticsAppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:16:109 [DEBUG] AnalyticsAppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:16:109 [DEBUG] NotificationAppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:16:119 [INFO] GetPendingRequestInfo - START
2022/09/20 22:33:16:486 [ERROR] GetPendingRequestInfo - CLSSessionError.emptyResponseData
2022/09/20 22:33:16:487 [INFO] AccountListViewController - getPendingRequestInfo: no pending request
2022/09/20 22:33:24:735 [DEBUG] Cloud backup: authentication
2022/09/20 22:33:24:736 [DEBUG] Cloud backup: lp installed
2022/09/20 22:33:26:890 [DEBUG] Cloud sync: force logout LastPass
2022/09/20 22:33:26:924 [DEBUG] AppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:26:924 [DEBUG] FBCrashlyticsAppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:26:924 [DEBUG] AnalyticsAppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:26:924 [DEBUG] NotificationAppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:27:705 [DEBUG] AppDelegate - applicationDidEnterBackground(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:27:705 [DEBUG] FBCrashlyticsAppDelegate - applicationDidEnterBackground(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:27:705 [DEBUG] AnalyticsAppDelegate - applicationDidEnterBackground(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:27:705 [DEBUG] NotificationAppDelegate - applicationDidEnterBackground(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:52:725 [DEBUG] AppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:52:725 [DEBUG] FBCrashlyticsAppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:52:725 [DEBUG] AnalyticsAppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:52:725 [DEBUG] NotificationAppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:52:767 [INFO] GetPendingRequestInfo - START
2022/09/20 22:33:52:879 [DEBUG] AppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:52:879 [DEBUG] FBCrashlyticsAppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:52:879 [DEBUG] AnalyticsAppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:52:879 [DEBUG] NotificationAppDelegate - applicationWillResignActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:53:120 [ERROR] GetPendingRequestInfo - CLSSessionError.emptyResponseData
2022/09/20 22:33:53:120 [INFO] AccountListViewController - getPendingRequestInfo: no pending request
2022/09/20 22:33:53:268 [DEBUG] setAuthData - set for Biometrics OK
2022/09/20 22:33:53:268 [DEBUG] startAuthentication... recognitionResult: kNPRecognitionResultComplete
2022/09/20 22:33:53:268 [DEBUG] Locked: 0
2022/09/20 22:33:53:277 [DEBUG] NotificationAppDelegate - notificationsEnabled() authorizationStatus: Optional(2)
2022/09/20 22:33:53:278 [INFO] showRootViewInController - network is reachable
2022/09/20 22:33:54:155 [DEBUG] AppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:54:155 [DEBUG] FBCrashlyticsAppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:54:155 [DEBUG] AnalyticsAppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:54:156 [DEBUG] NotificationAppDelegate - applicationDidBecomeActive(_:)
2022/09/20 22:33:54:164 [INFO] GetPendingRequestInfo - START
2022/09/20 22:33:54:361 [DEBUG] showing toast "Refreshing accounts to cloud…"
2022/09/20 22:33:54:364 [DEBUG] Cloud backup: authentication
2022/09/20 22:33:54:366 [DEBUG] Cloud backup: lp installed
2022/09/20 22:33:54:380 [DEBUG] Cloud backup: user is logged in
2022/09/20 22:33:54:384 [ERROR] GetPendingRequestInfo - CLSSessionError.emptyResponseData
2022/09/20 22:33:54:385 [INFO] AccountListViewController - getPendingRequestInfo: no pending request
2022/09/20 22:33:54:733 [DEBUG] Cloud backup: multifactor enabled
2022/09/20 22:33:54:851 [ERROR] invalid backup data: {
userData = "";
userId = 2463855;
2022/09/20 22:33:54:853 [DEBUG] Cloud restore: data downloaded, decrypting
2022/09/20 22:33:54:853 [DEBUG] Cloud backup: data decrypted, parsing
2022/09/20 22:33:54:853 [ERROR] secret is empty
2022/09/20 22:33:54:855 [ERROR] parsing

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Re: LastPass Authenticator - Backup Failed

Upgraded to same issue.

I have tried tons of things including a total rip out all IOS Lastpass bits and reset of my Lastpass account and reimported all my passwords.

While passwordless does work it would be nice if backup portion of my accounts was nice.

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Re: LastPass Authenticator - Backup Failed

Hi, @CorkDork  

I apologize for the error there, and appreciate the details you've included here.  We are currently investigating the source of the conflict, and hope to have more info soon. 


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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Re: LastPass Authenticator - Backup Failed

I have a very similar issue to @CorkDork.
I have an iPhone12 and am have set up an iPhone14 using an iCloud restore.

To switch my LastPass Authenticator account to the new device, it says I first need to enable the cloud backup on my old device.

I go into Settings > Save accounts to cloud - at which point I am prompted to open LastPass Password Manager. I complete the FaceID verification and the Password Manager opens without issue. I then switch back to the authenticator app and have the message:

“Backup failed
Please check your internet connection and try again.”

If I close both apps and then re-launch the authenticator app, I get the message:

“Accounts not saved
Your Authenticator accounts couldn’t be saved to the cloud. Refresh your cloud again to save your accounts securely.”

Despite many attempts, nothing works.

I had a call with your support team on 15th Sept, at which point I was informed you were aware of this bug, but had no ETA for the resolution.

This means I will now miss my trade-in window for my old device and will likely receive a lower value.

Please fix this ASAP.

Re: LastPass Authenticator - Backup Failed

I've been dealing with this exact same issue since February 2022. It just flat out stopped working one day. After countless emails with customer support, and going through every type of troubleshooting step and I continue to end up with the same result.


Last night, October 4, I finally got my new phone, and could go through supports latest effort. Remove all MFA, disable the app in my account, and delete the app. Once it was fully deleted, download the LATEST version (which I always had) and go through the setup and verification all over again.


I had to go through each and every account (26 total accounts) that I had MFA setup on, and remove it from the Authenticator to do all their troubleshooting, only to have it give me my favorite error message;


Backup failed. Please check your internet connection and try again.


I've lost track of how many times I was asked to remove the Authenticator from my account and then re-enable it. I've been asked to send dozens of screenshots, video screen captures, all to end up at the exact same outcome.


Here's what I know for certain after all the customer support and troubleshooting I've been through in nearly 10 months;

  • It's not my device, as I've tried on my iPad, and on a brand new phone.
  • It's not my cellular service, because I tried doing this on another carrier.
  • It's not the WiFi I'm connected to, because it's been attempted on dozens and dozens of different networks.
  • It's not the location I'm in, as I've tried it at home, work, and while on vacation in a different state and time zone.

The problem lies either with SOMETHING in my account, or with LastPass and the Authenticator itself. I'm just finally glad that I'm not alone, and that other people are, granted UNFORTUNATELY, going through the exact same problem.


The customer service has been less than garbage throughout the entire ordeal. A week or more will easily go by without hearing anything from anyone. A couple times, I even received an email saying they were considering the matter closed, until I would reply back stating nothing had been resolved and the case wasn't to be closed.


I'm a user since 2018, and a paying customer for going on 2 years. The first year had zero issues, but year 2 has been abysmal. My renewal is in February, and if this problem isn't fixed soon, I'll be exporting all of my passwords/credentials and finding another password service to use. And if I'm being honest, I've hung in waaaaaaaay too long, anyone else would have likely just switched. I don't want to go through the process again, but I'm starting to warm up to the idea.