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LastPass autofill not working on iPad Pro


I have an Ipad pro (12.9 inch, 4th generation), OSx v. 14.2, where I installed LastPass and Google chrome. I went to Settings -> Autofill Passwords, selected Autofill Passwords -> On and Checked only the LastPass app in the list. 


However, when I go to a website login page with Chrome, LastPass does not propose me to autofill my credentials: I do not see the usual Last Pass pop-up window, and pop-ups are not blocked in Chrome. Do you know a way around this?



Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi @Giuliano76,


When accessing a site that has a saved login with LastPass, you should see an area above the keyboard that says "Passwords" and you can tap that to view all of the entries in your LastPass Vault which are available for that site. Please also be sure the Google Chrome password autofill is turned off as well by going tapping the three dots icon at the top right of Chrome > Settings > Passwords > Save Passwords should be turned off. 


If that doesn't work and you don't see "Passwords" in the bar above the keyboard, could you try uninstalling the LastPass app, restarting your device, then reinstalling and making sure autofill is enabled for LastPass again to test?

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That works, thank you!

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This is still not working on Chrome on an iPad.  I reinstalled the app with no success.


When I enter a password fill area of a website, I can quickly see the LastPass toolbar flash along the bottom of Chrome and then it disappears and becomes an empty grey bar along the bottom of the browser.


All seems to work fine in Safari - it just doesn’t work in Chrome.


Has anyone found a fix?


iPad Pro 11 inch - Gen 3

IOS 15.4.1

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I wanted to add that I'm experiencing a similar issue - when I attempt to log in on chrome I don't even get the option to autofill using Lastpass.


I'm running iPadOS  15.6 on an 11-inch iPad Pro. It also doesn't work on my iPhone.

LastPass Contributor

Hi @ehbarnet, thanks for sharing this information - and sorry for any frustration. 


Can you double-check that you have autofill enabled on both your iPad and iOS? The steps for enabling autofill can be found here:


I also wanted to make you aware that LastPass now offers a Safari Extension on iOS devices. This makes filling and saving credentials on Safari browsers even easier. Please find the instructions to enable here:

Let me know if this helps!