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New Contributor

LastPass not working on Pixel 6 Pro

Upgraded to Pixel 6 Pro from Pixel 3A XL.  Used Android's software transfer to transfer the app.  LastPass App didn't work, so I uninstalled then reinstalled.  Same problems persisting.

When I try to log into LastPass, I get this message...

Invalid Password.png

After I press "OK", it gets stuck trying to load.  (swirling circle)

I can never actually use the app.

I know I put in the master password correctly because it does log me out on my PC.  Also, if I do input my password incorrectly in the app, I get this message instead...
Check Password Try Again.png

So why is the app not working?

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GoTo Manager

Re: LastPass not working on Pixel 6 Pro

Hi @VictorJulison 


I have reviewed your account and I see a couple of failed sign in attempts from Android followed by successful ones. Have you been able to set up your new phone successfully?


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New Contributor

Re: LastPass not working on Pixel 6 Pro

Nope, exact same problems as described above.
(Keep putting in the wrong password initially because I changed a while back and still absentmindedly type the old one before remembering to change it.)

New Contributor

Re: LastPass not working on Pixel 6 Pro

I'm having the exact same problem on my new Pixel 6 (standard not pro). I used the correct password,it asked if I want to activate biometrics twice, I did and entered my finger print twice, then I got two wrong password errors followed by the endless loading circle.

I tried uninstalling and reinstall. Same problem.