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Not possible to Approve push notifications on Apple watch.


When you get a push notification it comes up on the apple watch, not as an "apple generated" massage but one that seems to be from the actual lastpass App in the watch. As you might know Its asking you to approve (or reject) the push notification. But there is Only One option available, Reject. Whyyyyy?

Whats the point of even having a last pass app on the watch if you cant use it fully? By the way these are the Only times on well over a year ive even used the lastpass app on the watch, if its Something im interested in then its NOT having to enter those **bleep** 6 digits left and right seemingly wherever you go these days.


Maybe its some misunderstanding from my side but i dont think so as there Simply is the "Reject" option.




New Contributor

@Logic : I just realized there may be another factor at play here. I also have the pin/FaceID off on the main LastPass app as well. So here are the details:


iPhone LastPass app: Pin/FaceID off

iPhone LastPass Authenticator app: Pin/FaceID off

Apple Watch: Main pin active


To answer your specific question though, I'm running the following:


Apple Watch Series 4 running WatchOS 8.3

iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 15.2

LastPass v5.3.0

LastPass Authenticator v2.1.0


My guess is that it's the LastPass pin code that's got you tripped up. Let me know if that works!

New Contributor

Yo, this still isn't working.