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Vivaldi for Android and LastPass


I am not sure if it is a Vivaldi or a LastPass issue, but I noticed that LastPass on Android does not recognise Vivaldi as a Browser. I think this is the case because LastPass tries to associate password sites with the Vivaldi browser itself instead of the page currently shown in Vivaldi.

So for instance if I would visit facebook and fill in the email / password combination using LastPass, it would suggest me passwords for the Vivaldi Android App and not facebook.

Now I THINk this might be more an issue of LastPass, but I wanted to place it here anyway. Maybe LastPass needs a flag in the application manifest or something to detect it as a browser ... 

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Re: Vivaldi for Android and LastPass



Currently Vivaldi is not an officially supported browser for LastPass. We have let our developers know that users are interested in support for the Vivaldi browser, please note that since it is not a supported browser any issues you may run in to are not able to be troubleshot or resolved by our team unless it is added as an officially supported browser in the future.

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Re: Vivaldi for Android and LastPass

It's a LastPass issue. They can't be arsed to support their users any more. The sort of arrogance that drives companies under.