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iOS Face Id option has disappeared

My wife and I share a Lastpass account. Today, Lastpass stopped using Face Id on her iPhone to let her log in. In her Settings area in Lastpass, it’s not even listed as an option.

She has 5.2.0, the same version as me, but I have the Face Id option. She can log in using the master password, but we can’t figure out why the option for Face Id has disappeared. It works for all the other apps on her phone.
Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: iOS Face Id option has disappeared

Hi @khirasaki,


We would recommend following the steps here to re-enable set up FaceID both on the device and in the LastPass app:


If that doesn't work and the option still isn't there, please try uninstalling the LastPass app, restarting the device, then re-enabling FaceID in the LastPass app following the steps above.

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: iOS Face Id option has disappeared

I had the exact same strange problem, but your advice about uninstalling and reinstalling the app took care of it.  Thanks!

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Re: iOS Face Id option has disappeared

Thanks, it's working again!
I think that restarting the phone was critical, when my wife just reinstalled the app, that didn't work.

When she restarted, it also prompted her to do a software update, so I can't be certain that that had nothing to do with it (she had other problems from an earlier software update as well), but FaceId is working for LastPass again.