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iOS app and iCloud, and transferring codes to a new iPhone


    I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max with the latest iOS build (15.4.1, LastPass v5.11.0) I DO NOT use the lastpass Authenticator app, I use Google Authenticator. I'm aware that you can transfer Google's codes via the desktop method (old but supposedly still works)and the more easier method by exporting your accounts onto the new iPhone model by scanning the QR code. This is done by either of the above methods because you cannot - via either Quick Start or iCloud backup - transfer the Google Authenticator app. When you look under iCloud at the list of apps that are toggled on to be included in the backup, Google Authenticator isn't listed, although my Microsoft Authenticator is listed.

      I also noticed that neither is the Lastpass app? Is that because there's no need to back up the actual app? Because when you finish setting up your new iPhone, via either of the above methods, the app will automatically transfer over, or is it just as simple to go back to the app store, and download the app and login, and you'll see your vault? Since the Microsoft Authenticator app is listed in the iCloud backup, will that app (if anyone knows), successfully transfer over using the Quick Start method, or would it be wise to use the iCloud backup method instead, and for Google Authenticator use the export accounts method in either case?


I'm sorry it's been such a long time since my last migration from my old iPhone 6 to the 11 - and with improvements on each of the companies to improve this process, I don't remember how I did it the last time (although I DO remember almost getting locked out of my lastpass vault and had wound up remoting into my work machine to get access to my vault to reset everything, so I would love to not have to go through that again 🤣)


Thanks for any insight you can provide.



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Re: iOS app and iCloud, and transferring codes to a new iPhone

Anyone..........Anyone..... Bueller?
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Re: iOS app and iCloud, and transferring codes to a new iPhone

Hi, when you have a new phone, you can simply re-download the LastPass app and log in with your LastPass credentials. Just make sure that you remember your username and master password before you make the switch, as these will be required to log in on your new device.