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iPad Password Overwritten By Browser

I had to update a password on my iPad for Microsoft 365 and when I changed it with LastPass it saved. I then tried to access my password on my computer and when I logged in to LastPass in my browser and tried to retrieve my password it replaced my new one with my old one and is not in history. It's like the password I created on my iPad never existed. I tried to find it on my iPad, yet it is my old password now. Is there no cache on the iPad for created passwords? I can't find anything that has a history or any way to retrieve a created password. 

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Re: iPad Password Overwritten By Browser

Hi @raphbo,


Currently there isn't a way to view item history in the LastPass app for mobile, although you should see the history for the item when accessing your Vault from a desktop. If the new password was generated within LastPass, you can also view generated password history by following these steps:


  • Click the LastPass browser icon
  • Click Generate Secure Password then "Show History" to see a history of generated passwords. (Please note that clearing your browser's cookies/cache or uninstalling and reinstalling the LastPass extension can also clear the history as well.)

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