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30 days Login autosave does not function and form is buggy on many Chrome profiles (MacOS)

Hi. I have several Chrome profiles and there is only one, that keeps the 30 days Login autosave function alive. In every other Chrome profile I have to enter the password every single day. 


That's a pita but even more it is, that the autosave login form is buggy on all of these Chrome profiles.

There is a problem choosing the input-fields and also in typing or pasting content into it.


Therefore, the only way I can name a Device is to enter the Auth-Code directly without touching the 30 days slider, because after that the form looses all of its focus and even using TAB I can not switch between fields. After saving the Computer with the standard title "MacOS - Chrome" I have to edit the Computer name in the account settings.

All of this + the form works fine in my main profile, which starts automatically when I open chrome. 

Please help me

Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-19 um 09.21.28Uhr.png