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New Contributor

Android, can not login.

I have tried posting this in the Apps section and have had lots of views but no solutions.
Changed my master password, but constantly saying that's its upgrading and try again in a few minutes. This was well over a week ago now.
If I try to reset the master password again it says that the email doesn't exist (which it does, and has done ever since I got the app)
I don't know what else to do. I love the app and don't want to start all over again.
We had an app update and I thought that would fix it, but it hasn't.
I've also read others are having the same issues.
Can anyone help??
Thanks in advance.

I have just tried emailing this address for support.
I'll add any answers/help if I get any.

New Contributor

Re: Android, can not login.

Still no response from anyone.

There are so many of you with the same issue but it seems Lastpass hasn't got any answers.
I've read so many threads of the same/similar problem.
I keep checking my inbox and spam folders but still no replies 😔
GoTo Manager

Re: Android, can not login.

Hi @Android01 

After reviewing your account I don't see that your password was updated successfully. 


Can you please attempt to log in through to see if you are entering the correct account password? 


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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