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Bug found - moving multiple elements to shared folder



First of all let me say I really like lastpass. Tested multiple password managers before which just didnt make the cut between powerful and easy to manage.


Anyhow. I hadnt had the chance to test the shared folders with my family.

Before, I had all the "common" elements in my personal account. Had to share them manually or by text. Not proud of myself.


(Did this all in the browser app)

I created a shared folder for my family and added the users and roles.

I proceeded to multiselect all the items to be moved by clicking the chekboxes.

Then went to the "Actions" button and clicked move to the previously created shared folder.

Since some of the items had the  double "Require Master password Reprompt" on, I wrote the master to verify.

There was only 1 item with this setting.

The prompt popup a second time, even though the password was correct. 

None of the items moved to the desired shared folder. All selected items stayed in the original folder. Added to this, all of the items were also duplicated on another folder. The duplicates were sent to the first folder (alphabetically) in my account.

All of the duplicates had the full info (Name, url, username, notes and settings), however the password value was missing. Thought I had lost them all!

Gladly the originals were intact.


Tried multiple times with each item to move all of them to the shared folder. 

Odd behavior. But still getting duplicates without all info, or the items not moving.


My guess its something with sync...


Hope this helps to recreate the bug and solve


GoTo Manager

Re: Bug found - moving multiple elements to shared folder

Hi @solorza, welcome to the community.


 Thank you for the detailed report, I will check to see if we have a ticket open for this.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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