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Can't setup account or recover it from Sharing Center


I shared one of my LP's items with my flatmate. She didn't have an account so she got the invite and accepted. 


Now, if she tries to create an account. It shows an error message saying that the account is already in use. If you try to recover your password, you can't. If you ask to generate a one-time hint, you get a message saying Generated Password as Hint. 

This means, there's no way to access that account nor recover or generate a new password. Could someone give me any advice about how to delete the account or how to get a master key from an account that has never been created yet? 


GoTo Moderator

Re: Can't setup account or recover it from Sharing Center

Hi @coocoa 

I would suggest going through the reset process, then try sharing the password again: 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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