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Changing to another password manager?

1 - Since turning down the Premium renewal option last week, my inbox has been bombarded with emails telling me that 'Your Support Ticket Has Been Closed!'
The support ticket was created over a year ago, and closed shortly after Support suggested I install a Lenovo driver on my brand-new HP Pro laptop to resolve a LastPass fingerprint ID problem... :cry:

2 - Like many users, I also had numerous instances of the red banner warning that "An error occurred while attempting to contact the server. Please check your Internet connection", even though I have no problem with my internet connection. :x

3 - I have had to change my Master password because LastPass lets me access my vault and password-protected Secure Notes, but does not recognise the same Master Password when I try to save changes to my account :shock:

Using a Password Manager should be an invisible process: log in, forget about it, log out.
It should not be about constant emails for closed Support Tickets; it should not be about warning banners for non-existing problems, and it should not be about being unable to access your passwords.
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Re: Changing to another password manager?

Yes to all you have said papillotte24. I am here after facing problems with Dashlane and doing extensive research and comparisons with other Password Managers. It still looks to me that LastPass is the best of a bad bunch. I'm still looking...