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Combine LastPass Authenticator With Password Manager App


We're cross-posting this idea to gather feedback from LastPass Community members on the possibility of combining our Password Manager App with the LastPass Authenticator.   

The idea being that users would be able to see all of their Passwords, Secure notes, Addresses, Payment cards, Bank accounts, Wi-Fi passwords, Software licenses & TOTP codes within a single application. The combined application would also be able to receive push notifications in the same way as the LastPass Authenticator Application works today. 


Please feel free to comment here or on the linked 'Feature Enhancement' post so we can gage potential interest levels or drawbacks from merging the two apps together. 



Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

 as a non business user I think it will be simpler and more convenient

Active Contributor

My first reaction was... Don't combine to one app. Keep them separate so that people have choice. Also, less potential for coding errors. But make the integration between services better. Have robust APIs. Enable push 2FA for all websites. Your browser extension should be able to detect the website I am on and offer the correct 2FA TOTP when I'm asked for it. Having to copy/paste seems archaic in these days! Good luck improving!


But now I am torn between the options. I would love to have TOTP suggested when asked by a website or app (desktop and mobile). And if combining into a single app is the only way to do this then great. Yes, there will be an issue around 2FA for LastPass itself if you combine the app.

New Contributor

My first reaction was... 

I am completly OK with you

I was annoyed by the non ergonomic usage for both apps but you say exactly what I hope to see soon

Thaks for your contribution and Thanks for the LastPass Team to implement 


Active Contributor

I'm not very convinced about putting all the eggs in one basket.

How are you planning to provide the 2FA codes for Lastpass itself?

I am an Authy user and have never used LP authenticator. I know other password managers have the 2FA tokens and the password manager baked into the same app, but it doesn't necessarily mean it is the correct way to do things.