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New Contributor

Re: Create a support ticket

Me Also.... I have been a Premium customer for over 3 years and have sent in at least two request tickets and have only received the "Auto" acknowledgement that they have received them. Still No Response from them though. If they are going belly up or are just going away, then I would think they would tell us ????? Researching new password programs as we speak....
New Contributor

Re: Create a support ticket

And lastpass wants $36/year for this level of support? Unreal.
New Contributor

Re: Create a support ticket

Have you ever received an answer to your question about creating tickets?

I, along with others, agree with you that the company seems to be far less responsive than it used to be.

Perhaps we have become victims of galloping corporate greed.


All I want to do is find out how to determine the exact date I created a new entry in my LastPass vault.

It shouldn't be difficult. But, apparently an accountant in the firm decided that it also shouldn't be necessary.

Too bad.