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New Member

FF57 2FA code required upon every login

I'm getting quite fed up with no communication or any sign of fixing this extension (or xmarks) since FF57 was released. In addition to the other issues already posted here, I have to enter my 2FA code every time I log into LP. It doesn't matter if I check remember the box to remember for 30 days or not.

Can we get this resolved ASAP and/or get a status update? Some type of communication for your paying customers would be great. It's sad that this went to crap once LMIR bought LP, but not surprising unfortunately. :cry:
New Member

Re: FF57 2FA code required upon every login

Same issues for me. Fix this! Paying customers are going to leave if we do not get any kind of official communication and this doesn't get fix. I'm not going to pay for this broken software, if I can find other alternatives for cheaper.
New Member

Re: FF57 2FA code required upon every login

Same problem here. I've messed around with my Options -> Privacy & Security -> History settings, even setting it to the most relaxed (e.g. Firefox will: Remember history), and it doesn't seem to make any difference; I have to re-enter the MFA code every time I close and re-open Firefox. Looking forward to a fix for this!