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Families Account is borked!

I've been a paid user of LastPass Premium for more than a decade.


I switched to Families a couple years ago.


Latest payment for Families was October 2020. It shows in my payment/invoice history.


I am now getting messages in LastPass telling me my account is a "free" account and my access will be limited soon. All of my Familes sharing data is also gone or at least I cannot get into it anymore.


Any advice on getting support to respond quickly is appreciated. LastPass is vital to my work and I am trying to get my company to go with it. This incident is not helping my case with the company.


Support Case 15741921




LogMeIn Manager

Re: Families Account is borked!

Hi @rayzorfist 


Have you followed the steps that our support team suggested and did it resolve your issue?


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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