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Feedback about Lastpass v4.107

I don't see a specific thread, so I wanted to create this - I imagine it would be useful to support to know whether people are satisfied/unsatisfied with the most recent updates, and specifically the enormous amounts of UI changes in the browser extensions.

Here's a few pain points for me as a digital Product Manager who uses Lastpass to login to one of many different accounts on a web product I manage.  

1) In the new UI, due potentially to the extra large icons, the names I've given to the accounts when clicking on the list of available accounts for a given site are all truncated and hard to distinguish.  Obviously if I only have one account or the names are very short this is not much of a concern, but that's not my use case.
- Potential mitigation would be to allow on-hover to display the full email and name of the account, currently on-hover it hides the name complete to replace with "Fill" link.

I just now realized as I was writing this, that I can still see the full list of account names  and select from a long list by right clicking -> going to Lastpass contextual menu, but this totally defeats the purpose of having the popover with the list of accounts on click, so really please just make the font smaller at least.

2) When opening the extension menu in the browser, the UI is completely different for taking actions such as refreshing your vault, and the new design is not intuitive, nor does it factor in muscle memory from the previous design.  You have to goto Account -> Fix a problem yourself  to see the "refresh vault" option, and it took me quite some time to figure that out - my first instinct was to goto extension settings but that opened an entirely new window.
- Not sure much to mitigate... I eventually figured it out, but it wasn't intuitive.

In general it feels like Lastpass doesn't do a lot of user testing before releasing major UI changes like this, which is concerning. 

Next time you do want to do a major upgrade/UI overhaul, please include me(and/or people like me who are using Lastpass with many different accounts per site for testing) in your user testing!  

Thank you!

New Contributor

Re: Feedback about Lastpass v4.107

They just need to visit the Chrome Extension Page to see what ppl are thinking:

It not only seems that they do not ask users but also that the product team has no LastPass users amongst themselves...