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Google Authenticator Loop



I've recently recovered my LastPass account and reset the master password. Once that was done I went to log in but was prompted for my Google Authenticator code. As i don't have access to that i went to disable the Google Authenticator via email. I'm then shown a screen that says "This multifactor authentication service is not enabled for your account: Google Authenticator.". 


I'm now stuck in a loop where i can't access my account. 



GoTo Moderator

Re: Google Authenticator Loop

@CallumA  If you had also set up SMS recovery as an option, then you may be able to use that to regain access and disable Google MFA: 


If not, then you can click the 'Contact Support' button at the bottom to request MFA be manually disabled. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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