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New Contributor

How can I talk to Administrator

Screenshot 2022-10-04 071455.jpgHello all

I had a problem, which is that I want to export a file to the program as a backup

It asked me for the master password

I entered the program options and saved the master password and then

I went to save the file, it did not save the file and it asked me to change the master password

After that I wanted to recover the password, the link was sent, then the request to authorize the two-factor authentication numbers

The numbers have been entered and they are correct. I get a message back to the Administrator for the system


Now how can I talk to admin


Please explain the steps because there is no email to contact

LastPass Contributor

Re: How can I talk to Administrator

Hi @nawaf - thank you for your questions and apologies for any frustration. A few ideas:

  1. Is your account a member of a business account? If not, then please disregard the suggestion to 'contact an Administrator'. If so, then your administrator may be able to help you to reset your master password. 
  2. Do you know your master password?  Please remember the master password is 12 or more characters long and has at least one upper- and lower-case letter, number, and symbol. It is also case sensitive so you may want to type it out in a text editor to check exactly how it is being entered.

Let me know if this helps!


New Contributor

Re: How can I talk to Administrator

Hello everyone I could not recover the master password with all the options


now how can I upgrade this account



New Contributor

Re: How can I talk to Administrator

hi all 


Half an hour ago last try

In order for you to know that there is no final solution to the issue
According to what I read in some articles, I found a way one-time password

I tried hard, but to no avail. The system and I go back to square zero
Did you know that since yesterday I have more than 21 hours to retrieve the password, there must be other options to help subscribers by the administration

Please help or raise the case to the site administration

Screenshot 2022-10-04 223116.jpgScreenshot 2022-10-04 234100.jpgScreenshot 2022-10-04 234219.jpgScreenshot 2022-10-04 234236.jpg

GoTo Moderator

Re: How can I talk to Administrator

Hi @nawaf 

After checking your login, I'm afraid there are no recovery one-time-passwords available in any browsers you were utilizing.  If you haven't set up other recovery methods in advance, then you can either try reverting to the last known password or resetting the login itself.  Upgrading the subscription will not grant access to your password vault. 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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