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How many hour the account is lock ?



I forget my master password, after i would like change and using the process when i lose my password using SMS code.


I receive the SMS code but in the lastpass, i can't enter in my account lastpass.


Now i try so much time, the system said me i try so much sms.

Try after.

I have this page 7 hour and i'm lock.



LogMeIn Manager

Re: How many hour the account is lock ?

Hi @AlainL 


I have reviewed your account and I see that you were able to sign in successfully earlier today, but then you started having issues. Please remember that your Master Password is case sensitive and you cannot see it when you are typing it in so it is very easy for just one character to be incorrect and block you from signing in. Try typing it out in a test editor so you can see exactly how it is being entered. 


Account lockouts only last 5 minutes or so (unless you are part of a Business account with a stricter rule), but the limit on SMS messages is controlled by the service we use.


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: How many hour the account is lock ?

I use lastpass in 2 PC. In my personal, its ok in 1hour morning after i use in my pc job and i forget the password.
I locked my account 12 hours ago and i have again the message, i am in the limit SMS...
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Re: How many hour the account is lock ?

This morning, 24h after my problem.


I have always the same message. "Too much sms send"


If i pass in premium, a technician can help me ?


Before i arrive successuful to change my password with SMS.