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Is it possible to unrevert a revert?

Hello I had my lastpass login saved on my device but today it failed to log me in. 

I only changed the password last week so was confident the password was correct but it wouldn't let me in.

So in panic I reverted my password, hoping I can remember the old one. An hour later I found the password i was using was correct but lastpass was blocking my access , via bunch of email in the inbox. Unknowly I reverted to my old password that I don't remember. Is it possible to unrevert a revert? All my login details are there and its really critical to get access to it! Please and thank you.


Wished the app would have given me more info and told me i been blocked and password was correct 😞

GoTo Manager

Re: Is it possible to unrevert a revert?

Hi @panurgic, welcome to the community.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to undo reverting a Master Password change. When you change your Master Password we make a snapshot back up of your vault and when you revert that Master Password change we restore your account using that snapshot.


I reviewed your account and it is showing that your current Master Password is 1 hour old, so I suspect that you did not successfully revert your account after all and that newer password is the one you should be using.


When you sign in with the correct credentials from a new device or IP address we will send you a verification email to confirm it is you. We also show a message to either try you Master Password again or check your email. We mention both options because if someone is trying to guess a customer's master password we do not want to make it too obvious or easy for them to know they had the correct password or not. 


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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