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New Contributor

KeePass to LastPass.... I Want to go back!

So I gave into LastPass and decided to give it a try so that all my passwords could be stored in the cloud and I didn't not have to manage a database in Google Drive or DropBox like i had to with KeePass. So the import failed miserably and turned 90% of my 300 entries into notes and not passwords so I spent 3 days cleaning up the database and I am still not done!!! So that did not go well. Then I hit my first roadblock, KeePass is an application that runs on my desktop not a plugin for my browser. With KeePass I used to have a hotkey that would pop up my database and I could quickly drill through my folders find the app and then train it to type for the app that i am in and next time the app came up i could use another hotkey to have it auto type for me.. this was so simple and everything was stored like a username password, i didn't have to have app passwords and web passwords and secure notes that are stored where ever LastPass decided to put them. Then I find out if you pay you can get a desktop app... this damn app is worse then the web app!! So no i have to use one app for desktop apps and another plugin for my browser for websites. Crap is poping up all the time that i have no idea if it is Chrome or LastPass App or LastPass Plugin.. What a mess..

As an IT support person I have to access passwords all day long and this app has lost me more productivity then it has gained me. I feel 100% lost using this product. The hot keys i want to use will never register with the app. Can someone please just tell me I am doing something wrong here? New passwords are stored all the time and I have no clue where they are, App passwords are stored in an App folder of some kind and not with the rest of the passwords. where are the macro features or a way to generate a new password when creating new entries. I want to take this app, set it on fire on put it on the developers door step with some dog crap... its so frustrating!! Please please tell me I am some how using this app wrong.