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Last Pass overwriting newly generated passwords

So, I switched over to last pass about a year ago, and I love it... except...

When I went through and generated all new passwords, one of them somehow got some sort of special powers. I don't know what website it's for, mostly because LastPass will attempt to make it my password... for all passwords. When I try to log into a website, and use the Last Pass auto form, and it's wrong, I check the card in the Last Pass website, and yep, sure enough, the password has been overwritten with this other one. I copy paste, type, do anything I can to save OVER the wrong password, and nope, hit save, open it up again, it's that same, old wrong password. Not every site is hit with this problem, but it's enough that even though it's a randomly generated string, I've nearly memorized the damn thing from seeing it so much.

It's the same password every time, and every time I use a site effected with this, I end up having to create a new password every time, as there's no way of saving it, as LastPass REFUSES to save it, even if I put it in the notes field (Ill advised, I know, but I'm trying to find something, ANYTHING that will stop this). The field for the username/email and password are highlighted in Yellow, making me think it's a Chrome AutioFill thing, but I disabled that, and still nothing. Worse yet, when I make the changes and hit save, there's a 70% chance I won't see a saved notification. at the top of the LastPass screen. I just fought PayPal and LastPass for 20 minutes trying to log in and I've finally had enough. How can I fix this?
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Re: Last Pass overwriting newly generated passwords

Those are classic symptoms of your browser's password manager or form filler overwriting with captured information. Especially since the fields are yellow; LastPass does not highlight fields.

Make sure it is disabled and all sensitive information deleted.