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Lastpass and Microsoft Edge

1. I want Lastpass to auto-fill logins when visiting websites, but on sites like Gmail, Dropbox, Hotmail, and many other popular websites - more than half the time Lastpass does not auto-fill and the webpage must be refreshed for Lastpass to do its job. I have followed all the troubleshooting guides, spending many many hours doing it, and nothing has worked.

1.1 When I have multiple tabs open and Lastpass is not auto-filling as it should, I try to do a right-click login, but Lastpass almost always shows the login for a website on a different tab. A page refresh is required to get Lastpass to work properly.

2. Except for the required Lastpass cookies I do not want to save website cookies. If I have to save cookies, then what is the point of using Lastpass ?

3. When I report website logins where Lastpass does not work properly I am always instructed to modify my use of Lastpass.

4. I only want auto-login when I visit the website - instead of launching the website from Lastpass' drop-down menu.

The product really, really suxx. It really is almost worthless. I would rather be eaten alive by a grizzly bear than fork over $24 for Lastpass premium.