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New Contributor

Lastpass deleted my username

I recently cleared my cache to my chrome and somehow i think that deleted the username to my bank account stored in LastPass. My last login according to my LastPass history for that bank account was on sept 9. this is around the same time when i had a record of me entering that bank account. so i know that LastPass had my username. But when i open up that bank account's entry and look at the username history. It shows that no history is available. This is insane. I should have a history of the username.... I clearly successfully logged in on sept 9! So why is the username now blank? I need access to my bank account to pay bills.... 

GoTo Manager

Re: Lastpass deleted my username

@sh3rrythew1n3  If you're not using multiple identities in LastPass then you may want to check for deleted items and refresh the Vault: 


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New Contributor

Re: Lastpass deleted my username

I'm not using multiple identities in LastPass. There's nothing in my deleted. I cleared the local cache and refreshed as instructed.... still nothing. so I am unsure what else to do at this point... I doubt getting customer support to help will change this situation at all...